Land of the Free, Home of the Brave

July 5, 2012
And, it's over! Well sort of. I'm kind of carrying the celebrations of Independence Day into the weekend. How about you? I spent yesterday out by the pool with friends and family. We had BBQ chicken and ribs. Yum! I don't have much to say today accept that I am so grateful to have been born in this country and equally grateful for those who have sacrificed (& continue to sacrifice) for the freedoms you and I get to enjoy every day. So, thank you!

I also just wanted to share this image from a shoot I had this past Sunday with Michelle from Nixon Photography. The weather was less than what I had hoped for (I was craving that yummy, warm sunlight) but we embraced the wind and were able to pull this flag shot off. I can. not. wait. to see the rest of the images and share them with you!

I hope you enjoy the rest of your week and have a fabulous weekend! :)

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