2013 Word: Organization

Well here we are, already in the second week of 2013. I hope everyone's year is off to a fabulous start and that you are knocking your resolutions out of the water! I always like to take this time of year to reset and reevaluate where I am and where I am headed in the coming year. While, I have a few resolutions goals that I'll hopefully share with you this week, today I want to share more with you about my word for 2013. 
I don't know about you, but when I'm organized I feel like I have it together. There is a serious correlation between to the tidiness of my bedroom and my productivity level. I feel more distracted and instead of focusing on whatever task is at hand, I have intruding thoughts of "I need to make my bed" or "I should have cleaned the bathroom". While those things may be true, I don't need them clouding my thoughts while I'm working. I want to clear the clutter in my life and make things easier on myself. If all of my clean laundry is put away after it comes out of the dryer (I hate this part of laundry) then I won't have to be frantically searching for my black sweater in the morning. There are lots of areas where I need help in the organization category but the ones I'm listing below are my top priorities. 
  • Home. Bedroom, kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, studio. I want to have control of it always. I know that I will never have it all together all the time, but I want to make a conscience effort to making a place for everything and effectively using the space I have.

  • Business. I am terrible keeping up with my inventory and packaging supplies. I am constantly running to the store to pick up tissue paper or the post office for stamps. These silly things are easy to prevent and seriously put a dent in my productivity. I spent this weekend organizing my studio and it is already making a world of difference. I'm so excited to get to work this week!

  • Computer. My files are a mess. I do pretty well creating separate folders for different projects and files but there is a lot of information on my computer that I no longer need. I also want to take control of my desktop. It tends to be a catchall for all those things I'm not sure where to file away and that I'm not quite ready to trash. I'm thinking about designing a wallpaper that works for my needs and seeing how that helps me keep things in line.

  • Finances. I have never been one to balance my checkbook or schedule bill payments ahead of time. This has caused me to overdraft my account numerous times because you can not always rely on the balance listed in your online banking. Trust me. I really want to get a hold of my spending, in my personal life as well as for my business, and know exactly where every penny is going. I have never been one to save for a "rainy day" but the older I get, the more I realize that it's necessary!

I, like so many others, headed to Pinterest to find some creative solutions for my organization goals. You can follow along and see what I've pinned here. Have any other great organization tips for me? I'd love to hear what others are doing and have found successful in their own lives!

Have you chosen a word for 2013? If so, I would love to hear it!

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