Before I found these resources I'm going to share with you today, creating basic patterns was one of my least favorite things to do. For something so simple as a stripe or gingham pattern, I had trouble getting them to look as seamless as I wanted. That's where the Stripe Generator and Tartan Maker come in. Both are super easy and offer what seems like infinite possibilities. 


The Stripe Generator lets you select the size of stripe and spacing between, the background and stripe color and the stripe orientation! Horizontal stripes, vertical stripes, even diagonal stripes! It's so fun and simple to use and it lets you open a fullscreen preview of your new pattern! Once you're satisfied, download the pattern. It will be a tile that you will need to repeat in whatever design program you use. Adobe Illustrator CC makes it super easy with it's "Make Pattern" function.


While I love the Stripe Generator, the Tartan Maker is hands down my favorite! It fills my gingham loving heart to the brim! It is also so fun and simple to use and it lets you open a fullscreen preview of your new pattern! I love that you can keep building on your pattern with new "bands" and that it lets you choose your pattern's orientation! Again, once you're satisfied, download the pattern and you're good to go!

Let me know if these are new tools to you! If you create some patterns I would love to see! :)
Shop Talk Post 14/24

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