I had high hopes for documenting all that we did to #OurLovelandHome but as usual that didn't happen. I did snap some good "after" photos before we moved and while there are still some things we would have done to the exterior had we stayed put, I think she looks pretty good!


It was pretty awful. We had actually gone to look at a house down the street and our realtor suggested we take a look at this one too since it was just about a block away. We didn't really want to because it was so ugly but we were close so we went. As soon as we walked in the door I think we fell in love. Somewhere along the road someone had torn down the wall between the living room and kitchen so you walked into an open space. It made the house feel so much bigger and I instantly saw potential. But the outside was pretty ugly so I knew we had some work to do.

I really hated how the door was not centered between the two windows. I knew we would need to bulk up the trim to make the entrance look like it was done on purpose (and not a mistake by the person who tried to "renovate" and flip the home a few years before we bought it).

I'm so happy with how it turned out and it really took the curb appeal up a few notches!


Had we stayed a little longer I would have begged Jeremy to paint the exterior white, add some black shutters, and wooden flower boxes. I would have also loved to update the siding so it was the same everywhere (the vertical siding is only on the front section of the house) but that probably wouldn't have been a project we would have taken on since we did a lot of updating inside as well.

And so you can really see the differences, here's a side by side with the before looking how it looked when we got the keys (a little more overgrown and unruly than the listing photos).

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