We've been in our house five and a half months now and while we are settled, there are still quite a few spaces that need some work. One of those spaces is our entry way. It's not a huge space but up until a couple days ago it was completely empty. I went antiquing and found a really great console table which kind of moved this project to the top of my list.

Here's how the entryway currently looks. Not much happening but I got my third shipment of peonies from Red Twig Farms and it's really perking up this unfinished table. I originally wanted a natural wood table but unfortunately when I started sanding this one, I realized it had a veneer top. You can sand down veneer but you don't have much to work with. When I sanded as low as I could the color was still very red and not at all the look I was going for so I'm going to have to paint it.

Because I have bigger plans for this space down the road (some sort of wall treatment - board and batten, vertical shiplap, contrast trim, wallpaper - not quite sure yet. Ha!) I want to make sure whatever changes I make now will work with the next phase. The table is really the main thing I'm concerned with. The color I'm considering painting it will work with how things are now but once we do phase two I'm not so sure. But, it is only paint and phase two is probably farther down the road than I want to admit!

This is how the entry looked the day before we moved in. It's a relatively long and narrow space but it's plenty big for greeting guests which is really the only time we use it. We exclusively come and go through our garage so the entry decor doesn't really have to be functional. We have a small coat closet where I like to keep most of the boys shoes but things like keys, wallets, and the diaper bag are kept in our mud/laundry room.


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Admittedly this is a fairly rough plan. I may choose a different lamp or plant but the recipe of elements  will likely stay the same. I have a rug (it was used in the kitchen of our last house) that will work in the space but it's not exactly what I want. If I'm able to sell the rug (I sell a lot of things on Facebook Marketplace) I will take that money to put towards the one in my plan below. I also will not be using the table shown here but it has similar lines and I may paint my table a similar color.


Walls are painted Alabaster and the front door is painted Sea Salt (both from Sherwin Williams).

Farmhouse Chandelier | I'm still really happy with the lighting I chose for the entry. We get so many compliments on it and it makes a statement without being too in your face. You can see all the lights I selected for our new build in this post.

Buffalo Check Rug | I'm obsessed with this rug. Because our living room rug is floral I want a coordinating geometric pattern for the one in the entry. This isn't a high traffic area so I'm not worried about the rug getting dirty and I love that it's a bone color vs white. That should help hide a lot of the dirt. 

Seagrass Table Lamp | I love this lamp. I'm really in to all the rattan, sea grass, and woven elements that are so trendy right now. I saw a wicker lamp in photos from the Studio McGee line at Target but it's not actually part of her Threshold line. Or her McGee & Co line. I couldn't find it anywhere but honestly even if I had found it, I know it would have been WAY over what I'd be willing to pay for a lamp. This one here is already more than I like to pay for a table lamp 😅 but it is beautiful.

Console Table | As I said above, this was just a placeholder option since my entry table is antique and I don't have a stock photo for it. I do love the look of this table and it's really nice it has drawers. Kind of wish our table did as well!

Ornate Scroll Mirror | I have been waiting for this mirror for well over a year. For some reason they don't give you the option to ship to your home so you have to catch one at your local store. I've been holding onto a gift card since Christmas hoping I'd be able to get my hands on this and the other day I just happened to check (one. more. time.) and my local store had it! I purchased it and picked it up later that day. It's much bigger than I expected, which is great, but the gold is a bit less vibrant than I anticipated. I know I originally wanted a natural wood table but now that I see the mirror I think its a happy accident that I'll have to paint the table.

Floral Art Print | I recently stumbled across this artist (she's out of London) on Instagram. I think she showed up on my Explore page, maybe? Regardless I'm so happy I found her. From what I can tell she creates most of her artwork on an iPad using the Procreate app which is what I've used for years for my hand lettering. She is so talented and this floral vignette is so pretty. I think it looks so nice with the other elements here but I am a little worried it'd be too big for how I want to use it (it's sized at 20" x 20").

Scallop Rattan Tray | This is on my Amazon Wishlist. I'm not sure if I'll use it in the entry or in the kitchen for a fruit basket. The color seems a little orange here so I'm hoping that it's not so much in person.

Eucalyptus Plant | This looks great in Studio McGee's styled photos for Target but faux plants can really go either way so I want to see it in person before I make any decisions. But I will definitely have some sort of greenery on the table. I'd love a real plant (likely a pothos) but I'm not sure there's enough light over here.

I'm not sure how long it'll take me to get this all pulled together but I'll share photos once I do. There will probably be another progress post because unlike a lot of bloggers out there, this is my hobby, not my job. I love to decorate our home and make it a warm and inviting space but so many other things take priority so it takes me much longer to "complete" a space.

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