Each time I redo the boy's bookshelves I mix in a few of our everyday favorites with some seasonal faves as well. For the Halloween bookshelf I will also include most of their fall books. I bought some paper bats from Walmart (I can't find the exact link but honestly, I like these bats better) and I think I may hang them around their bookshelf. I know the boys will get a kick out of that!

I just started adding to our Halloween book collection last year so we only have four Halloween specific and three of those Sawyer destroyed (we still have them but I may go ahead and replace them since they're in pretty bad shape). I don't particularly want an abundance of Halloween books but I think I will add one or two this year. I'm having a hard time narrowing it down though. I'll tell you which ones I've got in our cart below - help me pick!

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B is for Boo* | The ABCs of Halloween*

The Scarecrow* | One Black Cat* | Cats Night Out*

Don't Feed the Pumpkin* | Little Blue Truck's Halloween*

Spooky Bus* | How to Catch a Monster* | Room on the Broom*

It's Pumpkin Day, Mouse!* | Gilbert the Ghost*

B is for Boo* | We have so many Greg Paprocki alphabet books but we don't have this one yet. It is definitely one I'm picking up this year. The illustrations are so fun and have so much to look at.

The ABCs of Halloween* | This is one of the books I picked up last year. My boys love going through each of the costumes the kids are wearing for each letter.

The Scarecrow* | This book is adorable. I love the illustrations and the storyline sounds sweet.

One Black Cat* | I love books that are out of the box and I love that this one is in the shape of a cat. It's one I may pick up for the boys this year.

Cats Night Out* | This one has super cute illustrations. I really want to pick this one up this year but I think out of the handful of ones I'm looking at the boys would prefer the others so for us this ones going on the back burner this year.

Don't Feed the Pumpkin* | This is another I picked up last year. It is such a fun one with the mouth open throughout the book. Sadly, this is one my youngest destroyed but it's so fun and affordable so I think I'm going to replace our copy. At the time I'm writing this Amazon didn't have any in stock but I found it over at Walmart for the same price if it's not back in stock yet.

Little Blue Truck's Halloween* | My boys love all of the Little Blue Truck books. I'm pretty sure we have every single one of them by now. Each season they are one of our go-tos.

Spooky Bus* | Here's another unique shaped book. During Halloween we see lots of "scary" Halloween decor and I'm always trying to make sure the boys know it's pretend and silly. This one may be good to help my case.

How to Catch a Monster* | This is a book I picked up from one of those send home catalogs Tucker brought home from school. It's a super cute story and both boys loved it last year. We read it over and over. Unfortunately it was paperback and did not survive Sawyer so I was super happy to see they had a hardback option. I'm definitely picking this one up!

Room on the Broom* | I don't think I've ever read this one but I kept seeing it over and over from other recommendations. Book illustrations are usually the main thing that attracts me and this one doesn't have me sold so I think I'm going to see if our library has this one first!

It's Pumpkin Day, Mouse!* | We're big fans of Mouse and all his books around here. Tucker's favorite episode in the the Halloween episode (no matter the time of year) so this is one I'm thinking about picking up!

Gilbert the Ghost* | To be honest, this got added to the list because that pink ghost is so super cute. We may add it to our collection eventually but I think I'm going to wait for now. Does anyone have this one?

I've added a few more to my list that you can see here, and I'll continue to add to it as I discover new titles.

What are some of your favorite books for Halloween? I'd love to hear below in the comments. :)

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