One thing I love about Instagram is the before and afters people share. Room reveals and full blown renovations - I love it all. (I'm currently enjoying all the One Room Challenge reveals that are going up.) BUT, it does make real life decorating feel anticlimactic. I'm constantly having to remind myself that these women who spend an entire month (or even one week😳) making over one room are doing it for a living. And while they are "home" they are working a full time job. As amazing as that may sound, it's not reality for me and a lot of other people out there.

One thing I'm committed to as I continue to share online is posting content that I myself want to see. I like to see real, lived in rooms. Yes, the magazine worthy styling is beautiful and inspiring to look at but I also need to know how to work around my TV. I want to know where to put all of our stuff we use every day. Sure, I'd love fresh flowers on my bedside table every week but that's not what happens here. How do I make our home functional for us to use but also beautiful? There may not be any one out there besides my family who cares about the decorating progress I'm making in our home but I'm putting it out there because not everyone can get their home picture perfect that quickly.

One of my favorite spaces in our home to decorate is the boy's room. About a year ago I shared my plans for the boys shared bedroom and while quite a bit of it has changed, the vibe is still very similar. I love how its turning out and while I (of course) have more up my sleeve, it's in a really great place where I can call it done-ish.

One of the main things still left to do is refinish Sawyer's bed. These beds are one of my all-time, favorite Facebook Marketplace finds. I got them both for only $20. I have never jumped on something so quickly! If I didn't love the raw wood so much I would give up and paint them. I just need to take a weekend and get it finished but because sanding and removing paint/stain sucks, this project always ends up on the back burner.


I finally decided what I wanted to do above their dresser this week and I'm really happy with how it turned out. I found the framed, vintage 48 star American flag at a local antique shop and the vintage painting (It's called Two Boys Fishing and I couldn't pass it up - only $4!) at a local consignment shop. The "Be Brave, Be Kind, Be Bold" print is one I created for my old shop, Winnie Jean. I'm going to try and get it added to the homefolk market as a download. I'll let y'all know when that happens! Now I've just got to get some photos printed for the three square frames we hung around the room.
We keep their clothes hamper to the left of this dresser and up until about a week or so ago, its where we also kept the diaper genie. I broke it somehow just trying to empty it! We're just about out of the diaper phase but I still like to have a changing table set up for convenience.
I added a little Christmas cheer to the boy's room last week and its so fun to watch their eyes light up. They love to help put ornaments on the tree and this one is full of adorable plush ones from Target. We have a lot more Christmas books that I'll put up in the playroom for them (I'll share some of our favorites here, for book club soon!) but it's fun to have a few in here for bedtime reading.

Hanging curtains was one of the first things we did when moving in last December and it was only a couple of months ago we realized how crooked we hung them (as seen below)! Ha! We're not even sure how that happened but at some point we'll get them hung correctly.

As much as I love to see their beds made, they never stay that way for long. Sawyer immediately climbed in and started to pretend like him and our dog, Fisher, were sleeping. The boys are so sweet when I add something new or clean their bedroom. They get so excited and always thank me. Makes it that much more fun to decorate spaces for them.

Here are the things I'm hoping to accomplish in the near, and far, future:


൦ Refinish Sawyer's bed

൦ Re-hang crooked curtain rod

൦ Re-paint nightstand (Sawyer has destroyed the top because I did not prep it right.😩)


These are more of the unnecessary ideas I have for the room but still things I'd like to do in the future, nonetheless.

൦ Paint chest of drawers

൦ Add patterned, blackout roman shades

൦ Paint contrast trim and/or add some wall paneling



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