My boys get more interested in books every day and I love it. For the longest time they could not be bothered to sit and read a book with me! Sawyer went through a pretty long spell where he ripped pages out or peeled the pictures off the cardboard. I thought he had grown out of this so back around Halloween I decided to get them a few new books. Unfortunately, the itch to destroy books had not totally left so when Christmas came around I did not buy a single new book. I'm getting the itch to purchase a few new Valentine books but may have to keep them put away until it's time to read.🤔

A few of these selections we have and love and the rest I have sitting in my cart now. (You can view and shop them all right here.) Valentine's Day is such a sweet holiday and I love doing little things like buying new books or baking heart cookies for my boys.

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This I Know: Seeing God in the World He Made* | This book is based on the song Jesus Loves Me (the boys love us to sing it to them). The illustrations are beautiful and I love how it teaches to see Jesus' love all around us.

Little Blue Truck's Valentine* | This is a house favorite (as are all the Little Blue Truck books). The boys not only love trucks but they can't get enough of the flaps and pulling back to see what's hiding underneath each one.

How Many Do I Love You?* | Counting is very big in our house right now. I taught Tucker how to count with another counting book we have and he still loves to read it even though he's counting up to 30 now! (So proud!😂) I'm excited to work with Sawyer using this book.

Will You Be My Valentine?* | This is a vintage storybook and I can't get over the sweet illustrations. This will definitely be added to our collection!

Guess How Much I Love You* | When I saw this story was about a little hare who loves his daddy I immediately added it to the cart. Our boys think Jeremy hung the moon and I know they'll love it.

ABCs of Love* | The ABCs are a big deal in our house as well so this will be a sweet one to read with the boys!

Tomorrow I'll Be Kind* | I've included this in one of my book club posts before but it's so good. The illustrations, the poem, the message. I love it all and it is perfect for celebrating Valentine's Day.

I'll Love You Till the Cows Come Home* | I'm not sure I'm going to get this one this year but I'm definitely keeping it on my list. I think the title is so cute and farm animals are always a good idea.

L is for Love* | We have more Greg Paprocki alphabet books than I can count and this is one we've had for years. I love his illustrations and the boys love picking out everything they see in the pictures.

My Mom Is Magical* | These last three are all by the same author and illustrator. We have this one and of course it's one of my favorites since it's all about mama! The rhymes are silly and the boys giggle every time we read it.

My Dad Is Amazing* | Couldn't leave out daddy. We have and love this one as well.

Bananas For You* | I just came across this Sabrina Moyle book when I was looking for a few new Valentine titles. We love her illustrations and rhymes so much and this one seemed perfect for the holiday!

I've added a few more to my list that you can see here, and I'll continue to add to it as I discover new titles.

What are some of your favorite books for Valentines Day? I'd love to hear below in the comments. :)

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