Christmas Home Tour 2022 - Entry

It's the most wonderful time of the year! I love how festive and cozy the house is with all the garlands and twinkle lights and wanted to share it with you. I generally do the same thing every year so if you saw last year's Christmas home tour, there won't be much that's changed. I like to pick up a few new items each Christmas season but I love pulling out the same things year after year. It's so nostalgic and I hope as the boys grow older they feel the same.

We started decorating a few weeks ago before I was really ready but now that I am, I'm so thankful to have it mostly finished. I generally keep adding little details here and there right up until Christmas Eve but for the most part I am done. First up, I wanted to share our entry.

I kept it pretty simple in here this year. I decided not to do the garland around the front door because what I used before was not very realistic looking. I'm hoping to purchase some after the holidays, on sale but so far most of what I've found and loved is sold out already.

One of my favorite ways to decorate for Christmas is to add some ribbon. It's simple and inexpensive but instantly makes it feel festive. I almost always use red but I like to use other colors from time to time. This year I picked up this beautiful blue satin ribbon and I've sprinkled it throughout the house.

My grandpa made this peg shelf and it's perfect for collecting guests' coats as they arrive. To be honest, all the Christmas decor landed here because I wasn't sure where else I was going to put it but I'm happy with how it turned out. The vintage stocking was actually one from my mom's childhood that we found over at my grandparent's.

After the holidays I am determined to finish the stenciling in this space. I love the detail it adds and I've drug this project out long enough. I'm also thinking of painting the table. I was originally wanting wood stain but the top is veneer and when I was sanding it down I went too far. The top needs some work and I'm not sure I'll be able to salvage it without painting it or getting new veneer. I also feel like this space needs a little something since there are a lot of neutrals happening. I recently painted our antique desk black, which is a color I rarely use when decorating, and I love it. It's got me thinking about trying black on the table as well - maybe just the table top? We'll see!

This is a small space but it's one of my favorites because it generally stays put together and it doesn't take long to pick up if things get messy. I didn't do a lot in here for Christmas but just enough to make it feel special. Next up I want to share our living room. I'll hopefully be able to take some photos in the next day or so to share with you so stay tuned.

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