Reflecting on 2009

December 22, 2009
2009 is almost over, what have you done?:

new years eve (2008)
01 what did you do for new years?
celebrated downtown columbus with my favorites :)
02 who was your midnight kiss?
who else but alicia? duh ;)
03 did you make a new year's resolution?
of course, always trying to be a better person!

01 viva las vegas
02 phoenix, arizona
03 fiesta bowl go bucks!
04 corky ree turned 21!
05 obama elected to office...

01 alicia's 23rd
02 drew daniel got engaged!

01 green beer day
02 jenny's 23rd
03 haley's 23rd
04 spring break in cabo san lucas
05 my 23rd!
06 nathan paul is born 03.29.09 (2 months early)

01 anna's 22nd
02 u of l spring game - brock gets awards!
03 haley's bridal shower
04 haley & brock's bachelor/ette party
05 brock signs as a free agent with jacksonville!

01 played intramural softball
02 alicia graduates!
03 clipper's game
04 volunteer at the crawl for cancer
05 haley & brock got married!

01 osu graduation! congrats anna, allison, & erin!
02 summer break (a whole flippin' week! whoo!)
03 rip farrah fawcett & michael jackson in the same day!

01 stacie's pure romance party
02 drew & aimee get married!
03 red, white, & boom downtown (best fireworks ever!)
04 florida to visit haley & brock!
05 haley & brock's wedding reception!

01 jenny's bridal shower
02 dollhouse party
03 many weekends boating at brookville lake

01 indianapolis for jenny's bachelorette weekend!
02 kenny concert in indianapolis
03 start my final year of college! waahoo!
04 jennifer & matthew get married! congrats mr. & mrs. campbell!
05 rip johnny castle (patrick swayze)

01 clevleland for browns vs bengals game!
02 what were you for halloween?
an 80s lady

01 osu vs iowa big ten champs! rose bowl baby!
02 ann arbor for osu vs mu game! amazing weekend!
03 epic night before thanksgiving at laffs
04 what did you do for thanksgiving?
spent time with my wonderful family :)
nashville for creekmur thanksgiving
05 what were you thankful for?
my family & friends & all the amazing things i've gotten to do this year!
06 new york city

01 hofbrauhaus to welcome dusty home!
02 rip brittany murphy :(
03 girls christmas (last one with jennifer for a couple years ;( she's moving to japan!)
04 5 christmases with my awesome family!
05 georgia for creekmur christmas
06 nashville to visit my daddy
07 california to cheer on my buckeyes in the ROSE BOWL!
08 what are your plans for new years eve?
i will be spending it in los angeles with anna & erin! can't wait!
09 will you make a new years resolution?
of course!

stayed single almost the whole year? the whole year, & intend on keeping it that way!

saw one of your favorite bands/artists live? kenny in indianapolis!

01 did you hate anyone?: nope, i'm surrounded by love :) haha
02 do you have any regrets when it comes to your friendships?: nope, my friends are the best!

01 did you have a cake?: yes! at martinis!
02 did you have a party? my best friends came up to celebrate with me in cbus!
03 did you get any presents? um, the best birthday ever!

01 did you change at all this year?
02 did you change your style?
03 did you go on any vacations? yes! vegas, arizona, cabo, florida, new york city, california
04 would you change anything about yourself now? again, always trying to be a better person!

2009: WRAP UP
01 was 2009 a good year?: most definitely!
02 do you think 2010 will top 2009?: every year gets better and better, some how! :)

01 kissed in the snow?: umm not yet :(
02 had your heart broken?: nooope.
03 painted a picture? hahhaha i am not artistic, at all.
04 wrote a poem?: kind of.. i write songs!
05 ran a mile? wayy back in march. i need to get my fat butt out there again!
06 told someone you were busy when you weren't?: guilty
07 lied about how old you were? no. i'm old & proud of it.

IN 2009 I.....
01 pretended to be happy?: no need to pretend!
02 changed your outlook on life?: umm, life is awesome.
03 pretended to be sick?: haha yes.. anything to get out of class
04 learned something new about yourself?: of course.
05 cried over the silliest things?: i cry over everything, so what do you think?
06 had friends who were drifting away from you?: the most beautiful discovery true friends make is that they can grow separately without growing apart.
07 had a fist fight?: ew. i'm a girl. & a lover not a fighter :)
08 gotten sick?: yes, more this year than my entire life! haha
09 liked more than 5 people at the same time?: ha, i haven't "liked" anyone in 3 years
10 became closer with a lot of people?: i have lots of wonderful people around me :)
11 when was the last time you wanted to punch someone in their face?: group projects during finals week
12 laughed a lot?: laughing until i cry is my favorite
13 will you be up before 7 am tomorrow?: most definitely not.
14 is there anyone you want to come see you?: i'm hangin' with my daddy right now so i'm ok!
15 who hugged you last? my daddy :)
16 miss anything from your past? a little, until i wake up & remember reality

so excited for 2010! i'm ready for an even-numbered year again! those of you who know me, know i don't like odd numbers! but the fact that 'O9 was so amazing, I can't imagine how awesome '1O will be!

just a couple things to look forward to:
01 rose bowl
01 i'm graduating!
02 florida
01 japan to visit the campbells!!



December 20, 2009
This is actually a post I made back in October 2008 when I blogged occasionally on MySpace. I've made a few changes & in some cases have added some commentary on what I've said. You'll see what I mean..

So anyway, here are 65 random/fun facts about me! Enjoy! :)

1] I love Jesus & Jesus loves me-- even though he knows a lot more about me than I'm about to tell you.

2] I am never on time & I have come to terms with that. Everyone else should do the same & it'll make everything a lot easier!

3] I am terrified of having a marriage that doesn't last forever.

4] I love staying up late & never go to bed before 2AM. Ever.

5] I hate planning too far in advance (or at all). I live for spontaneity.

6] I don't know what I'd do without music. (Of all kinds.) It moves my soul.

7] I don't believe in taking your high heels off and walking home barefoot.
(You wore the things out, wear them home dammit!)

8] I will never give up on love. No matter what.

9] Win or lose the Cleveland Brown are my team.

10] I believe in fate. Everything happens for a reason. Even if we don't understand it all right away.

11] My room is usually messy. Not dirty. Messy.

12] Blondes really do have more fun. Believe me, I've been to the other side. ; )

13] I love laughing until I cry. It's moment's like those that make life worth while.

14] Break-ups must always be clean. Once both parties have moved on, then you can be friends. Not until then. Sorry. (& sometimes, not even then!)

15] I believe that happy girls are the prettiest girls.

16] Snow after Christmas is just wrong. Wrong I tell you. (It snowed :( today)

17] I always kiss & tell.

18] I'm a very patriotic person. I love this country & all that it stands for. (SUPPORT OUR TROOPS!)

19] I love laughing. Have I mentioned that yet? Do it as often as possible!

20] Tell the people you love how you feel. You never know what tomorrow brings. (RiP Jamie Nicole) (It's been over 4 yrs & I still miss you more than words can say!)

21] Always forgive, but never forget. Period.

22] I am seriously addicted to sugar-free popsicles. I'll eat like 3 in a single day/night.
(OK, so I'm lying. I might have a few more than that, but hey-- they're sugar-free ; ) (Man, I haven't had any in awhile! I need to make a trip to the grocery!)

23] Kissing is fun. You should do it often. (I should take my own advice!)

24] Pictures never replace having been there, but they sure help with the wonderful memories.

25] I hate wood paneling! Ewww!

26] I love nights with friends & having no plans. The fun is seeing where the night takes you.

27] I love watching scary movies. Until I start watching them. Then I don't know why I started.

28] I hate cheating. It's the most selfish act you can do. Next to suicide.

29] I love to sing but am terrified of singing in public. I love singing in the shower though!

30] Spiders give me the hee-bee-gee-bees. I always find someone else to kill them.

31] Early mornings have never been my thing, & probably never will. (Subtract that probably. They never will.)

32] Classy not trashy, is a motto more girls should follow. ; )

33] My friends are amazing. They are my family & I'd be lost without them.

34] Speaking of family. I have the best ever. Crazy & large-- ya gotta love 'em!

35] I love my baby sisters. At least I know I'll always have a friend. They can't ever get rid of me!

36] I'm attending my 3rd college. Yes, I said 3rd. Go Buckeyes!

37] I love sweet tea. Southern sweet tea. Not that stuff they call sweet tea in Ohio.

38] I have the best Mamma ever. You should be jealous.

39] I'm a Daddy's girl for life.

40] I believe in making life goal lists. (There is a show out now called The Buried Life where they did exactly this, & they check things off one by one! Awesome!)

41] I'm a small town girl & wouldn't have it any other way.

42] I love driving. Even though I scare most people who ride with me.
(My real friends know we'll make it out OK. They don't even worry ; )

43] I love being creative. That being said, it's not something you can turn on & off. It comes when it wants.

44] I'm terrible with money. I don't believe in saving for a rainy day.

45] I love learning on my own terms. Not in a dull classroom with a boring professor.

46] Marilyn Monroe had it right-- Gentlemen Prefer Blondes.

47] I love everything about Fall. Especially football & the pretty leaves.

48] I love the kind of friends you don't see very often but when you do it's as if nothing has changed.

49] I hate MySpace default pictures that people take of themselves using their cell phones & a mirror. Tacky!! (Can I change this to, "I just hate MySpace completely"?)

50] Inside jokes are great, as long as they don't make others feel uncomfortable.

51] Blue is my color. All shades.

52] I'm not afraid to go out into public without make-up.

53] The Pittsburgh Steelers & Michigan Wolverines should just go away. Seriously.

54] I go to the doctor about once every three years. And that might be a little more than in reality.

55] I love to go running. In fact its the only exercise I don't have to make myself do. (Ah, I wish this were still true! I haven't ran in about a year probably! I need to get back at it!!)

56] Flashing the peace sign is more than a trend. It's a way of life.

57] Everyone should take a road trip. Half the fun is just getting wherever you're going.

58] Voting is important! Be educated, let your voice be heard!

59] "I live to love & laugh a lot & that's all I need" Kenny Chesney is my man<3>not OK.

63] I'll be graduating June 13, 2010! Yayy!

64] Don't just count your years. Make your years count.

65] These are the days worth living.
These are the years we're given.
These are the moments, these are the times.
Let's make the best out of our lives.


ho ho ho.

December 15, 2009
Here is a Christmas card I did last year!
Just thought I'd share it since it's that time of year! :)


it's beginning to look a lot like christmas.

December 14, 2009
I can't believe it's already December! Where has this year gone?? Crazy!

I haven't been doing too much with La Bella Vita Designs lately. I've been pretty busy with finals and other things! I'm going to post a couple cards that I have been working on & that I'm going to be giving to a family that I babysit for! Haven't decided whether or not I want to go with a modern or more traditional style yet! We shall see!

Hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas & a happy new year!


daddy's little girl.

December 13, 2009

seriously. i am a spoiled little brat. a few days ago i had called my dad & asked him if i could borrow some money to pay for a plane ticket because i want to go to the ROSE BOWL! yup, i said it! i'm headed to pasadena! wahhh hooo! but back to the point of this story.. my dad said he would send a check & i promised him that i would pay him back as soon as i could! well, yesterday the mail came & so did the check! along with a letter from my daddy :) here's just a few pieces..

"Dearest Stephanie,
I can't express how proud I am of you. You are just so special and of course still "Daddy's Little Girl". ............ "So please accept this check with no strings attached and remember we love you so much and are very proud of you.
Love, Daddy"

as soon as i read the first sentence, i started crying. not only because my dad was giving me a lot of money but because he said he was proud of me. I know my dad loves me (he tells me everytime i talk to him), but it was just nice to see it in writing and know that he's proud of me.

i don't care how old i am or how old i get, i will always be daddy's little girl. :)


hello, i'm a 6th year senior.

December 12, 2009
yes, the statement above is sadly true. six years to earn a bachelors degree is an awfully long time. believe me, i know. in my defense, i have attended three colleges and switched my major a number of times. i recently just finished up my last autumn quarter ever! i now have two quarters left before i will be a graduate of the ohio state university. so exciting! & with graduating, this of course means i will have to enter the "real world". i don't know what will be worse? going to class 5 days a week, having to answer to teachers (& by teachers i mean grad students-- annoying), and all the busy work given as homework or going to work 5 days a week and having to answer to a boss. i'm pretty sure work will be worse which makes the idea of graduating scary as well as exciting.

it is so nice to be on break. it was such a relief when i completed my last final of the quarter! i'm so ready to just relax and spend time with my family & friends. i am going home wednesday night after i am finished babysitting! & i can't wait!!

i've had this particular blog for awhile now, but i deleted all of my previous posts. i've never really been that great at keeping up with blogs or journals but i love the idea of them, so as i continue to finish up my last year in college i'm going to try and keep up with this! we'll see how well i actually do.. :)


Landon Turns One

October 22, 2009
Audra asked me to make invitations for her son's 1st birthday party! I was so excited! I made two versions for her to check out & she liked both of them so much that printed both of them for her!


Birth Announcement | Layla Rose

October 20, 2009

How precious is this little girl? She belongs to my friend Linley who is a previous customer! I did Miss Layla Rose's big sister Aubrey's birthday invitations. These announcements are a little something I worked up for a baby gift! Congrats Brian & Linley on you're new baby girl! :)

Custom Wedding Program

September 30, 2009
Jennifer & Matthew are returning customers and great friends of mine! They got married this past weekend & I was fortunate enough to be a part of the wedding party! It was a beautiful ceremony & such a fun reception!! I designed Jenny & Matt's Save the Date cards, wedding monograms, Jenny's bridal shower invite, as well as their wedding programs! It was all so much fun!!

Congrats Jenny & Matt! :)


Birth Announcements | Teddy James

August 28, 2009
Sarah & Matt just had a baby boy & he is the most adorable thing so I asked if I could use his pictures for some new baby announcement samples! I needed a few more! Congrats Sarah & Matt :)

Wedding Monogram

August 17, 2009

Haley & Brock's Invites!

August 16, 2009
Haley & Brock are very close friends of mine and they had planned on getting married in Antigua this past July. Brock is now with the Jacksonville Jaguars and he had practice camp and they had to cancel their island wedding! Brock & Haley were married in May and held their reception in July! I loved this tropical reception invite so I had to share with y'all! Congrats Haley & Brock!


Birth Announcement | My Nephew Nathan Paul!

August 15, 2009
My sister Jana & brother in law Eric had a baby boy on March 29th. He came to us 2 months early, the poor little guy! He was 2lbs 9oz and the most precious thing I've ever seen! Here is the baby announcement I did for them! Nathan is now 4 months old & growing bigger everyday!!


Aubrey's Birthday!

August 14, 2009
Aubrey turned 3 back in March and my first blog post showcased the invitation I designed for the party! It was a Zebra print with pink accents! Super girly & cute! Here is another invite I designed before we went with the animal print theme! This is one of my faves! I love the colors!

Ben's Birthday!

August 13, 2009
Little Benjamin turned 1 back in June & his mom asked me to design his birthday invitations! A couple posts back I shared with you the actual invitation that was sent out but here is another invite I made that wasn't chosen, but I think is super fun & cute!


Business Card | Eye Do Makeup + Lash Design

August 12, 2009

Crystal is a certified makeup artist in the Dayton, Ohio area & she asked me to create a business card for her! She's really talented so check her out: Eye Do Makeup & Lash Design
Thanks Crystal!

Jenny & Matt's Wedding Monograms

August 11, 2009
Jenny & Matt are getting married in September & ordered wedding monogram to use throughout their wedding! Thanks Jenny & Matt! :)


Jenny & Matt's Save the Dates!

Jenny is a close friend of mine and she has asked me to do a few designs for her wedding coming up in September! Here is there Save the Date that went out a few months ago!

Thanks Jenny & Matt!


Bridal Shower!

July 23, 2009
Hey y'all!! It's been a few weeks since I've blogged! I really haven't done much with SNC & CO here lately. I've been pretty busy with school & bridesmaid duties & weddings etc! This is the invite I did for one of my best friend Jenny's shower! I'm helping to plan it so naturally I would design the invitation! She seemed to really like it so that's great!

Like I said in my last post I am changing my name to La Bella Vita Designs. I have purchased the domain but I still have a lot of work to do to get the site up and running! I am building the whole thing from scratch! So it should be awhile before its up, but I will let y'all know!! I'm really excited about it and I think it's going to be great!! :)

Hope everyone is having a wonderful summer!
Love Always,

Ben's Birthday!

June 8, 2009
This is the invitation I did for my friend's nephew Benjamin! He is so cute & so fun! I've been really busy with finals and haven't had much time to make new invitations or update the blog! Soon, I won't be so busy & I'll have more time to give to SNC & CO! :)

Hope everyone has a great week!!


Graduation Time!

May 3, 2009
I obviously haven't done very well blogging for my site, but I decided to post one today! This weekend, I've designed a lot of new things!! Here are 2 graduation announcements I've just done!

Photos for the previous designs were done by C & N Photography



March 11, 2009
Hey Everybody! I'm really excited about this site, so thank you for checking it out! I really enjoy what I'm doing & can't wait to see where it goes from here! I decided to start blogging for the site just to keep everyone updated on things I've been working on & possibly in the future a place I can offer free giveaways! So far, I've received two orders that I'm really excited about! The first is for a birthday party! Aubrey Sue is turning 3 and her mom Linley asked me to design invitations for a pizza party!

I think it's really cute, & Linley seemed to be pleased as well!
*I change the numbers on all of my products to protect my clients!
Well, that's all for now! I just thought I'd share with you my first client & product!
Hope everyone is having a great week!

Stephanie :)