New RCL Columns | Sit a Spell & Woman Inspired

In an effort to complete my January Goals, here I am with a rather late in the day post! I just wanted to introduce the two new columns I'll be adding into the mix here at Road Called Life! First up, is something I like to call Sit a Spell.

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What does Sit a Spell mean, you ask? It means to sit down a while and spend some time talking. Let's hang out and shoot the breeze! You get the idea, no? For the time being these posts will just be a chance for me to share about myself. Whether it's in regard to my business, my family/friends, my faith, etc. - whatever it is I want to share a little more about myself. After all, this is my blog! :) Eventually, I think it might be fun to share some of my favorite, fellow bloggers, but we'll just have to see how this little thing evolves!

The next column I'll be adding is Woman Inspired. There are so many amazing, motivating, and inspiring women out there and I want to give them the credit they deserve. I already have four amazing women in mind for this column and can't wait to share about their journeys.

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The first woman I'm going to be featuring is no longer with us and she's not even someone I was lucky enough to meet - but she is inspiring nonetheless. Mother Theresa touched (and continues to touch) so many lives with her wisdom and acts of kindness. The world would be a much, much better place if we all took a few more ques from her. This column is just what I need to continue to remind myself that I can and should be doing more for others. It's not all about us - and the women I will be sharing, have figured that out.

So stay tuned!! Hopefully both will be in action by next week! :)

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