Royal Wedding | Duke and Duchess of Cambridge

April 29, 2011
Alright, admit it. You are as infatuated with the Royal Wedding as I am, right? My sister called this morning from Texas at 5 AM and we chit chatted and watched the royal occasion together! First things first - Kate looked stunning. Absolutely timeless. Lace has always been my fabric of choice when it comes to wedding gowns and I loved seeing it embraced by the new Duchess. Can we say someone was definitely channeling Grace Kelly? I think so.
Pippa? Um, gorgeous. Loved her gown as well. The Middleton's have some great genes!
I'm skipping out on 'Things Loved + Found' this week because well - I'm consumed with everything royal.  Not to mention things have been pretty slow around The Paisley Blog this week! Working on a few new changes, so stay tuned for those! (All images found via Pinterest).

Have a happy weekend everyone! :)

[WED]nesday | Royal Weddings

April 27, 2011
With the Royal Wedding rapidly approaching (2 days!), it's hard not to do a little Google images search for previous wedding nuptials. The Royals take everything to a whole other level - they know how to throw a party! I'd say I have my grandmother to thank for my fascination with all things Royal Wedding - she will be getting up at 4 AM to watch all the pomp and circumstance! Ha, so cute!
Charles + Diana
Andrew + Sarah
Grace Kelly

Ahhh, to be a princess, right?

Weekly Wrap Up | Things Found & Loved

April 22, 2011
I know things have been rather slow around the ol' blog lately but life has been crazy! Lots of projects in the works and can't wait to share them all with you! Until then, enjoy the weekly wrap up of all the lovelies found 'round the blogosphere this week!

Every week there are thousands of lovelies posted on to the world wide web: photos, parties, weddings, outfits, DIY projects, etc. But there are those few that I absolutely can't get enough of/can't stop staring at/can't wait to make and lastly can't help but share. These are my absolute:

Absolutely can not get enough of this e-session from Hey Gorg. It's chock-full of southern charm.
Not sure I'm completely in love with A-Frame houses, but I'm loving the blue door.
Ambitious DIY business women inspire me so.
You can never have enough framed photos/art. YHL proves that here.
Don't mope in your room. Go invent something.
This print I designed for my free canvas. Love.
I love Earth & I love Jesus. Thank you God - you're the best gift giver ever!

Printables | The Lovebird Suite

April 20, 2011
Contact us to customize your order and the digital file will be emailed to you within minutes so your printing can begin! :)

Stay tuned for the other members of the Lovebird Suite family to make their appearance soon!

Quirky Sourthern E-session via Hey Gorgeous

April 18, 2011
Everyone must go check out this engagement session over at the Hey Gorg blog. It is perfection! Love the southern charm that is infused into the whole shoot and the couple is gorgeous! Even better? The write up is from the groom. Seriously. Go. Now.

Photography by Onelove Photography.

P.S. Anyone know where they got those wooden college signs? I love them!

Weekly Wrap Up | Things Found & Loved

April 15, 2011
Every week there are thousands of lovelies posted on to the world wide web: photos, parties, weddings, outfits, DIY projects, etc. But there are those few that I absolutely can't get enough of/can't stop staring at/can't wait to make and lastly can't help but share. These are my absolute:
I would love to give these ruffle rose pillows the ol' DIY try.
These are the cutest, most adorable shower gifts ever. (Shameless plug).
I can't stop pinning. I'll try not to add this to my list of favorites every week. Keyword: try.
I want an extra room just to dedicate to a closet masterpiece like this one.
These are amazing. I would go up & down them just for fun! I wish I could find the original source!
This girl is so young but man, can she work icing. Perfection.

Party Themes | Bow Tie Baby Shower

April 13, 2011
I currently have baby showers on the brain. It's pretty much all I can think about. I am knee-deep in the planning process because I am throwing my dear friend, Jennifer a baby shower in May. There are so many adorable and fun ideas out there and one that I came across during my "research" was a Bow-Tie theme. I saw it featured on the Hostess blog (pictures 1 & 5) & I just fell in love with it! I have since moved past this idea on to more fabulousness but thought I would share a few of my favorites with you!

1 | Love this ruffled cake with the bow-tie topper!
2 | Perfect finishing touch for cupcakes!
3 | I thought these bow-tie bookmarks would make great party favors!
4 | Who doesn't love good photobooth props?
5 | Ah, mason jars. SWOON!
6 | Bow-tie napkin place settings? Yes, please!

Word to the Wise | Save the Date + Wedding Invitation Etiquette

April 8, 2011
It is a frequently asked question and I can see how this sort of thing could become overwhelming for a bride-to-be. With all of the tradition ingrained into all that is wedding planning, the process can become a bit murky. I’ve broken it down a bit to help make your invitation planning and ordering a little simpler.
Save the Dates:
Regardless of whether your wedding will be local or a destination location and whether or not you have local or out of town guests, Save the Dates should generally be sent out 6-8 months prior to your wedding. This gives plenty of time for your guests to plan ahead. If you have travel, lodging, or transportation information available, you may want to include it, especially if you have out of town and international guests.

For a local wedding with 90% to all guests being local as well:
If you are getting married locally and the majority of your guests are local as well, it is safe to send your invitations out 6-8 weeks prior to the wedding date. Give an RSVP deadline of 1 month before your wedding date to ensure you give yourself plenty of time to wait for those last minute RSVPers and gather your final numbers for your venue and caterers.

For a local wedding with both local & out of town guests:
If you are getting married locally but you have guests coming from both locally and out of town, you will want to get invitations to your out-of-towners sooner than local guests, especially if any of the recipients live outside of North America. Sending mail internationally can take anywhere from one to two weeks or even three to four so plan ahead for that. In order to give your out of town guests plenty of time to receive your invitation and RSVP, these invitations should be sent out 10-12 weeks before your wedding date. You can still give an RSVP deadline of 1 month in order to give yourself plenty of time to prepare.

For a destination wedding with local or out of town guests:
The timeline for a destination wedding is basically the same, whether your guests are local to you or out of towners. Regardless of their location, you need to give your guests extra time to allow for them to arrange travel, lodging, transportation, and time off from work. If you have sent out Save the Dates (which as we said above should be mailed out 6-8 months prior to your wedding) than most of your guests will have begun to plan their trips or at least thought about it. Even if you are not planning to send Save the Dates, you should begin to spread the word about 8 months prior to your wedding. Formal invitations can be sent out about 8 weeks before your wedding date and you should give an RSVP deadline of 3-4 weeks before. Make sure you take into account your venues policies (some places may require an earlier confirmation of guest numbers) but typically this timeline will give you plenty of time to satisfy your needs as well as your venues.

When to order your invitations:
This all depends on what type of wedding you are planning. To be safe, you should typically anticipate around 4-6 weeks for the full ordering process. That includes initial meeting, getting samples, approving artwork, printing, and if your stationer is not local to you, shipping.

I hope these quick little tips help you with your invitation and wedding planning!

More questions regarding weddings or other special events? Ask them here.


Louisiana Wedding via Style Me Pretty

April 6, 2011
This wedding was featured on Style Me Pretty a few days ago and I love all of the delicate and vintage details. From the typewriter guestbook to the Chevy truck they drove away in - I SWOON! Everything was so classic, romantic, and timeless. I loved every bit of it! I especially loved this table set up for guests to "type" well wishes to the bride & groom (in exchange for the typical guestbook) that was framed with old photographs of loved ones. It makes for such a great and visually appealing backdrop! You can check out more of their beautiful day here.


Stationery | Flag Banner Thank Yous

April 5, 2011
I recently had a big birthday. On March 26th I turned a quarter of a century old! Wow! :) My mom had our family over and cooked my favorite meal - it was so yummy! My friends took me to dinner at a Japanese Steak House and then surprised me with a party! I felt so loved & special this birthday. I am so blessed! I needed to do something to show my appreciation so I cooked up some thank you cards! Aren't they so fun? Sent some happy mail out yesterday and it felt so good. I know I love getting presents in the mail so I can only assume my loved ones will too! :)
These will soon be available in the shop! Stay tuned! :)

DIY | Paper Flowers

April 4, 2011
This is a super easy + cheap, yet very affordable way to add little delicate touches to your event! Incorporate  them into a DIY centerpiece or place them on a dessert table to add whimsical flavor on a dime! :) In the future we will take this tutorial to the next step and show you how + where to use these flowers!

- 4x4" square sheet of paper
- Pencil
- Scissors
- Hot glue gun

[Step 1] Draw a spiral on a 4x4" square sheet of paper. Cut out the spiral along the lines you have drawn.
[Step 2] Begin rolling up the sprial from the outside. Keep on rolling until there is no more left to roll.
[Step 3] Once there is no more paper to roll, dab a little hot glue to hold the flower roll in place.

And voila! You are finished! Use these delicate babies to create your own DIY centerpieces or sweet touches throughout your event!

TIP: Don't worry about cutting your spirals out perfectly. I found my best roses were ones I cut without drawing a template first.

DIY | Faux Flower Balls

April 3, 2011
When I first saw this tutorial over at Sew, Mama, Sew I honestly couldn't believe it. How can these beautiful Faux Flower Balls be made out of men's t-shirts? They actually look like they are made with real roses. It's gorgeous! It seemed too good to be true and yet below are the simple steps needed to achieve this beautiful look to make a bold statement at your next event.

I am planning a baby shower in May and I'm thinking about giving these babies a try! I'd love to see how they turn out in colors other than white - pink? yellow? Ooh! My mind is just racing with ideas! Can't wait to give it a try & hopefully have something beautiful to show all of you!

Materials needed:
- 2 men’s XL white T-shirt for large ball
- 6 inch and 4 inch styrofoam balls
- Hot glue gun
- Ribbon (in coordinating color for your event)

[Step 1] Cut off the bottom of the t-shirt. Now cut strips of 1 inch in width. Make sure you snip either end of your strips to create 2 strips each.

 [Step 2] Put your sewing machine to the “running” or the “basting” stitch.  On my sewing machine that is the longest stitch of 5. I then lightly held the thread on top as I ran my running stitch. This will make your ruffle gather as you go.

[Step 3] Start by coiling your ruffle. Place a dab of hot glue to the end of your coiled ruffle and to the back of your ruffle flower.

[Step 4] Now place the ruffle flower onto the styrofoam ball. Repeat the steps and add ruffle flowers to the styrofoam ball.

[Step 5] Once you get close to having the ball finished, add some ribbon (for hanging) to the top of the ball. Insert push pins at a slight angle going opposite directions to anchor the ribbon. Be sure to add some hot glue on top of them for added security. Continue to glue your ruffle flowers until the entire area is covered.

Create various sizes of the faux flower balls to create depth and impact to your area. Hang them from trees and verandas or if indoors, from the ceiling. Also don't be afraid to attempt this project in other cotton blend hues. Vintage pink? sunshine yellow? Yes, please!

View the original tutorial at Sew, Mama, Sew.